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Martha Brazoban, CEO and Founder of M. B. Architectural Design has been inspired by the architecture of New York City ever since she moved to the United States from the Dominican Republic.   As a child, she’d regularly dreamed up designs for new homes, and, as she got older, decided to go to City College of NY for an architectural degree. After graduation, she ended up working for the NYC Housing Authority.   For 30 years she worked there, moving up the ranks all the way to Director. She gained extensive experience, thru repurposing vacant tenement buildings for the homeless, overseeing construction projects, managing the HOPE VI design portfolio in the Rockaways, renovating, and expanding existing community facilities, renovating management offices and managing the facade inspections and repairs of 1,600 residential buildings in NYC. 

During her time working for the NYC Housing Authority, Martha began to become more and more invested in making sure everyone could live in nice spaces. She already had a vested interest in helping others; for years, she acted as an interpreter for her loved ones, which gave her insight into just how hard many immigrants had it. Her work at the NYC Housing Authority further inspired her to give back and cemented her belief that everyone deserves quality housing. She began taking jobs outside of work to try and help others. Over time, she became more and more focused on that aspect of her job, until she finally decided to branch out on her own. 

Martha is co-founder of Women Construct, an organization created specifically to support women within the architectural, engineering, and construction industry. She is also a member of the American Institute of Architects and is licensed in both New Jersey and New York. 
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